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Relational And Participatory Sites

This workshop is a conceptual one based on Relational Aesthetics (Bourriaud, 1998) and the idea of sculpture as an active artform that can be present in interactions, events and any form where the artist student can take and trace their creative flow. The work is collaborative and response driven and the resulting work is often temporary and sometimes does not involve the creation of an object/ objects at all. This is liberating for students who are less confident in their technical abilities and shows that art can be so much more. It is a direct opening to the nature of the contemporary art world.

The benefit of this type of work is manifold and includes: the freedom to create without restriction, increased observational skills and personal reflection as well as an entry point to critical thinking that will enhance student's grasping of deep theoretical concepts and keep them up to date with current advances and exploration in the contemporary art world.

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